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Satyricon Snapshot

Music Genre
Hard Rock, Pop/Rock

Music Style
Heavy Metal, Scandinavian Metal, Black Metal

Music Mood
Hostile, Angry, Volatile, Bleak, Brooding, Bitter, Cathartic, Visceral, Aggressive, Malevolent, Nihilistic, Ominous, Confrontational, Menacing, Intense, Harsh

Wikipedia Text

Satyricon is a Norwegian black metal band, formed in 1991 in Oslo. Satyr and Frost have been the band's core members since 1993. The band's first three albums typify the Norwegian black metal style. Since its fourth album in 1999, the band has strayed from this style and included elements of hard rock in their sound. Satyricon was the first Norwegian black metal band to join a multi-national record label (EMI).

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Oslo, Norway

Music Genre (Text)
Black metal

Year(s) Active

Record Label
Moonfog, Century Media, Sony BMG, Emi, Napalm Records, Roadrunner

Associated Acts
Zyklon-B, Emperor, 1349, Darkthrone, Dodheimsgard

Group Members
Satyr, Frost

Past Group Members
Kveldulv, Samoth, Exhurtum, Wargod, Lemarchand

Profile Bio Text
Contrary to popular belief, Satyricon was never called Omnipotence. According to Exhurtum, he and Wargod started the band in 1990, playing death metal influenced by Cadaver, Carcass and Napalm Death. Lemarchand joined shortly thereafter. At that time, they were called Eczema. In 1991, they decided to start playing black metal, so the name was changed to Satyricon and then Satyr joined the band. After the first demo, Exhurtum was kicked out the band while Wargod left the music scene and became a UN soldier afterwards. Lemarchand was kicked out after the second demo. Satyr was the owner of the now-defunct Moonfog Productions. Signed to Napalm Records worldwide, Roadrunner Records in the UK, Indie Recordings in Norway and Nuclear Blast in North America. In December 2004, live guitarists Steinar Gundersen and Obsidian Claw were arrested in Canada for allegedly drugging and raping a woman in their tour bus after a show in Toronto. The remainder of the tour with 3 Inches of Blood was canceled. The charges against the pair were later dropped. Back in 1999, Satyr, Fenriz (Darkthrone), Phil Anselmo (Pantera), Killjoy (Necrophagia) and Maniac (Mayhem) started a "supergroup" called Eibon. They were supposed to record a full-length, but due to their heavy schedule, plans were changed. Maniac left the band and they released one track called "Mirror Soul Jesus" on the Moonfog Productions compilation Moonfog 2000 - A Different Perspective. They also recorded an unnamed song which can be downloaded from the old Moonfog Productions website. Satyricon's video for the song "Mother North" is played in the movie Spun. They agreed to it on the condition that the director of the film, Jonas Åkerlund, directed their next music video for the song "Fuel for Hatred". Compilation Appearances: - "Walk the Path of Sorrow" on Blackend: The Black Metal Compilation Volume 1 (Death Records, 1995) - "Taakeslottet", "Skyggedans", "Dominions of Satyricon", "Born for Burning" and "Night of the Triumphator" on Crusade From The North (Moonfog Productions, 1996) - "Mother North" on Blackend: The Black Metal Compilation Volume 2 (Death Records, 1997) - "Kathaarian Life Code" (Darkthrone cover) on Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone - Eight Norwegian Bands Paying Tribute (Moonfog Productions, 1998) - "Born For Burning" (Bathory cover) on In Conspiracy With Satan - A Tribute To Bathory (Hellspawn Records/No Fashion Records, 1998) - "Nemesis Divina" (clean vision mix) on Death ... is Just the Beginning V (Nuclear Blast, 1999) - "Filthgrinder" (edit) on Dynamit Vol. 18 (Rock Hard, came with issue #148, September 1999) - "Electric Renaissance" on Moonfog 2000 - A Different Perspective (Moonfog Productions, 2000) - "I Got Erection" (Turbonegro cover) on Alpha Motherfuckers - A Tribute To Turbonegro (Bitzcore, 2001) - "INRI" (Sarcófago cover) on Tribute To Sarcófago (Cogumelo Records, 2001) - "The Wolfpack" on Metal Hammer - Battle Metal VII (Metal Hammer, 2008) - "Last Man Standing" (Guitar Wall mix) on Necrolust Vol. 1 (Metal Hammer, came with issue #195, August 2009)

Couple Profile Source
movietube.online/actor/1793575/Satyricon, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satyricon_(band)

Wiki Bio Text
==Satyricon== is a Norwegian black metal band, formed in 1991 in Oslo. Satyr and Frost have been the band's core members since 1993. The band's first three albums typify the Norwegian black metal style. Since its fourth album in 1999, the band has strayed from this style and included elements of traditional heavy metal in their sound. Satyricon was the first Norwegian black metal band to join a multi-national record label (EMI). ===History=== ===The band was formed=== in 1990 as Eczema by the bassist Wargod and drummer Exhurtum. In 1991, they decided to start playing black metal, so the name was changed to Satyricon. Satyr ([[Sigurd Wongraven]]) then joined the band. After the first demo All Evil, Exhurtum was kicked out of the band because he "preferred hanging out with my girl at the time rather than kicking down gravestones together with the band", while Wargod left the music scene and became a UN soldier afterwards. Remaining members Satyr and Lemarchand hired the drummer Frost ([[Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad]]) as a session musician and recorded their second and last demo, The Forest Is My Throne. Shortly after this, Lemarchand also left the band. But before leaving the band he recorded guitars (uncredited on the booklet) for the first full-length album, Dark Medieval Times. In the meantime, Frost was being "promoted" as a permanent member and had recorded drums for the aforementioned album. Satyricon have—with two exceptions—been a two-man band ever since: from 1993–1996, Tomas Thormodsæter 'Samoth' Haugen from Emperor was the bassist and guitarist of Satyricon, and participated in the recording of their second album, The Shadowthrone; and later, in 1996, Darkthrone member Nocturno Culto (Ted Skjellum, known as "Kveldulv" during Satyricon's period) became guitarist on the third full-length Satyricon album, Nemesis Divina. ===Rebel Extravaganza,=== Satyricon's fourth album, was released in 1999. During this period Satyr drastically changed his look by shaving off his hair, as seen in the photoshoot for the album as well as their live performances. ===In April=== and May 2000, Satyricon toured as a supporting band for Pantera. Phil Anselmo has spoken of his love for black metal numerous times, and has participated in Eibon with Satyricon frontman Satyr. They used to be signed with Daron Malakian's music label EatUrMusic. ===Their fifth studio album=== Volcano was released in 2002 and won four awards: the Norwegian Grammy for Best Metal Album, an Alarm award for the track "Fuel for Hatred" in the category Song of the Year, the Alarm Award for Metal Album of the Year and The Oslo award for Best Overall Album. ===Satyricon=== participated in the Darkthrone tribute Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone, released by Moonfog Productions in 1998, covering the song "Kathaarian Life Code". In the same year, Satyricon participated in the Bathory tribute In Conspiracy with Satan, released by Hellspawn/No Fashion Records, featuring the song "Born for Burning" originally released on Crusade from the North in 1996. ===In 2006,=== Satyricon released Now, Diabolical. ===In March 2008,=== the band headlined the Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo for the first time. ===The EP=== My Skin Is Cold was released before their seventh album, The Age of Nero, which was released on 3 November 2008. ===Satyricon=== released their self-titled eighth full-length album on 9 September 2013. ===The band released=== their first ever Full Length live CD/DVD set titled Live at the Opera which took place in September 2013, alongside the Norwegian National Opera, on 4 May 2015. ===A fully remastered=== 20th anniversary edition of 1996's Nemesis Divina was released on 20 May 2016. ===According to recent=== updates on Satyricon's official Facebook page, they entered the studio in March 2017 to record their ninth full length studio album titled Deep Calleth upon Deep, which was completed in Summer 2017 and is now set for release on 22 September. Frost has stated in recent interviews that once the new album is released, they will then complete work on their first ever covers album. ===Musical style=== ===The band's first album,=== 1994's Dark Medieval Times (recorded in 1993), showed off the fascination Satyricon had with the Middle Ages and featured raw black metal blast beats produced by Frost, mixed with acoustic guitar and flute. On their next album, The Shadowthrone, this medieval spirit was continued. Rock Hard journalist Wolf-Rüdiger Mühlmann wrote that Satyricon reached their "very early zenith" with that album and Nemesis Divina. ===Describing their fifth=== studio album, 2002's Volcano, frontman Satyr stated in a press release and biography on their homepage that "the music is rock based but more extreme; it is black metal pushing the boundaries that began with bands like Venom and Bathory. Reinventing ourselves based on a foundation of rock-oriented black metal is our philosophy." Mühlmann wrote that Satyricon's path after their zenith reached with their second and third album has only a limited connection to black metal, whereas Metal Hammer journalist Robert Müller described Satyr as a "latently arrogant guy who, along the way, makes great music that constantly tests the borders of the genre". ===Band members=== ===Current members=== Sigurd "Satyr" Wongraven – vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass (1991–present) Kjetil-Vidar "Frost" Haraldstad – drums (1993–present) Current live members[edit | edit source] Steinar "Azarak" Gundersen – guitars (1999–present) Anders "Neddo" Odden – bass (2009–present) Anders Hunstad - keyboards (2011-present) ===Former members=== Ted "Kveldulv" Skjellum – guitars (1996-1997) Tomas "Samoth" Haugen – bass (1993-1996) Carl-Michael "Exhurtum" Eide – drums (1991-1992) Vegard "Wargod" Blomberg – bass (1991-1992) Håvard "Lemarchand" Jørgensen – guitars (1991-1993) Former live members[edit | edit source] Dirk Verbeuren - drums (2014) Silmaeth – bass (2011-2012) Brice Leclercq – bass (2009-2011) Gildas Le Pape – guitars (2008-2013) Victor Brandt – bass (2008) Schoft – guitars (2007) Jonna Nikula – keyboards (2003-2011) Trym Torson – drums (2004) Joey Jordison – drums (2004) Ivar Bjørnson – keyboards (2003) Lars K. Norberg – bass (2002-2007) Arnt Ove "A.O Grønbech" Grønbech – guitars (2002-2007) Terje "Cyrus" Andersen – guitars (2000-2002) Kine Hult – keyboards (2000-2002) Jan Erik "Tyr" Tiwaz – bass (2000) Morten "Sanrabb" Furuly – guitars (1999) Terje Vik "Tchort" Shei – guitars (1997-1999) Daniel "Død" Olaisen – guitars (1996-1999) Richard "Daimon" Cabeza - bass (1997) Kenneth "Destroyer" Svartalv – bass (1996)

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