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Lucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy PinderLucy Pinder

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Lucy Pinder
Lucy Pinder

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Winchester, Hampshire, England UK



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Brown - Light

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Brown - Light

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Book at Bedtime

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Lucy Katherine Pinder

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Lucy Katherine Pinder (born 20 December 1983) is an English model and actress. She came to prominence in 2003 after being discovered by a freelance photographer on Bournemouth beach and has appeared in such publications as FHM, Nuts, Loaded, and the Daily Star.

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www.lucypinder.info, www.britfox.com,

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==Lucy Katherine Pinder== (born 20 December 1983) is an English model and actress. She came to prominence in the early 2000s after being discovered by a freelance photographer on [[Bournemouth beach]] and has appeared in such publications as [FHM]], [[Nuts]], [[Loaded]] and the [[Daily Star]]. More recently she has focused more on an acting career. ===Modeling career=== ====Pinder first appeared==== topless in Nuts in 2007, and, also in 2007, the Australian magazine Ralph declared that she had the "Best Breasts in the World." ====Pinder has appeared==== on FHM's list of the "100 Sexiest Women in the World" 2007 (#92), 2006 (#35), and 2005 (#16), and, in 2010, she was head of the Bennetts Babe Squad. ====Pinder was responsible==== for a weekly advice column in Nuts, entitled "The Truth About Women". ===Television career=== ====In 2004====, Pinder appeared on Living TV's series I'm Famous and Frightened!, spending the weekend at Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire investigating ghosts and spirits. ====On 31 December 2005,==== Pinder appeared on Sky Sports as a celebrity soccerette on Soccer AM, during which she wore an Southampton FC jersey. She also sat on the famous orange sofa answering questions on topics such as modelling and football. ====In September 2007,==== Pinder appeared as a contestant on a special edition of the Weakest Link, entitled "Wags and Glamour Girls". ====From September to December 2007,==== Pinder presented a short nightly programme for Nuts TV called Book at Bedtime, which was based on a long-running BBC Radio 4 programme. She read a passage from a well-known novel. ====On 15 January 2008,==== Pinder made her presenter debut for Nuts TV. She presented the Nuts TV live show on six further occasions in February and March 2008 and also presented Overexposed, which was a series on Nuts TV giving hints and tips to the aspiring, amateur glamour photographer. Subsequently, she has appeared on the MTV channel's TMF, presenting, in conjunction with Kayleigh Pearson, Pinder and Pearson's Late-Night Love-in – a "countdown of saucy music videos." ====In February 2008,==== Pinder made a cameo appearance, along with Michelle Marsh, in Hotel Babylon on BBC1. ====In February 2010,==== Lucy Pinder appeared on BBC Three's The Real Hustle Undercover, where she pulled a switch on an unsuspecting punter. ====In addition,==== Pinder has appeared on the cover of several DVDs and in photo shoots for magazines, such as Loaded and Maxim. ===Celebrity Big Brother=== ====From 2 January 2009,==== Pinder appeared in the sixth series of Celebrity Big Brother. She revealed that she was "a bit of a Tory bird" and that 'thick' people irritate her. She was the first housemate to be voted out, on 9 January (Day 8) with 57% of the public vote. Pinder declared her wish to leave the Big Brother house after being driven to distraction by the constant rapping of housemate Coolio. ===Charity work=== Pinder has worked closely with a number of Wildlife charities, getting involved in fund raising for TigerTime, the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, and International Animal Rescue. She was also an ambassador for Kick 4 Life, a charity that uses football to fight poverty and disease in developing countries. She has also produced original works of art for sale in charity auctions for Keech Hospice Care and Sports For All. ====Pinder has also volunteered==== her time at Cats Protection as part of the charity's campaign "I'm A Celebrity... Let Me Volunteer!", and she was a judge for National Cat Awards' in the "Hero Cat" category in 2012. ====Pinder has worked with Help for Heroes,==== a British charity launched on in 2007 to help provide better facilities for British servicemen and women who have been wounded or injured in the line of duty, and she has appeared in the 2011 and 2014 Hot Shots Calendar. ====Pinder and Rhian Sugden==== continue to support the MCAC (Male Cancer Awareness Campaign), and they took part in the five mile "London Strut" awareness initiative in December 2013. ====Pinder supported==== the "Stars & Stripes 2014 Celebrity Auction" by donating an original drawing of hers that was auctioned off, with the proceeds going to Tiger Time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucy_Pinder ==Lucy Pinder== Model (Adult/Glamour) - ====Date of Birth==== 20 December 1983, Winchester, Hampshire, England, UK ====Birth Name==== Lucy Katherine Pinder ====Height==== 5' 5" (1.65 m) ===Mini Bio (1)=== Lucy Pinder was born on December 20, 1983 in Winchester, Hampshire, England as Lucy Katherine Pinder. She is an actress, known for LiveJustine (2015), The Seventeenth Kind (2014) and Warrior Savitri (2016). ===Trade Mark (1)=== ====32G breasts==== ===Trivia (5)=== ====She was discovered==== by a freelance photographer while sunbathing on Bournemouth Beach in August 2003. ====She supports Southampton FC.==== ====She has eleven GCSEs and two 'A' Levels.==== ====She was described==== by Vanessa Feltz as "the girl every red-blooded bloke wishes lived next door". ====In 2007,==== readers of the Daily Star voted for her as having the "best breasts in Britain" with 49% of the vote. She was way ahead of the runner-up, Danielle Lloyd, who received 13% of the vote. ===Personal Quotes (11)=== ====I've never experienced bad bullying.==== I think pretty much everyone growing up had people who upset them or teased them. Children can be very cruel to each other, but I never had anything too severe. Modeling as a career we do get a lot of abuse on social media but it doesn't get to me, it's best to ignore it. I always think it says more about the sort of people doing it anyway. I don't think anyone should let the opinions of anyone you don't respect upset you. ====[asked what she likes to do when not modeling]==== I'm currently obsessed with baking. My cakes are very good! My family put baking bans on me because I take them homemade cakes so much they're fearing for their waistlines! I love yoga too. ====[on her breasts]==== They always generated a reaction. When I was at school, just 13, I'd cram them into these white school shirts. Pupils and teachers just didn't know where to look. Luckily I was calm about myself. I always felt quite comfortable being busty. ====When I started off,==== I still thought I'd be going off to uni. I didn't like the idea of other under-graduates being familiar with my nipples, so I didn't show them. Then, it became a sort of trademark - Lucy doesn't do nipples. Then it turned into a total pain to keep them covered up at shoots. I got paranoid in case one popped out. Finally, I decided to yank them out. I'm glad to say the response was quite favourable. ====A fight between==== Michelle Marsh and me would be over pretty quickly. I think we'd end up suffocating each other with our breasts. ====My decision to do topless==== was purely financial, if I'm being honest, and by then I'd been in the industry for three years and thought it felt right to become a fully fledged Page Three girl, nipples and all! ====I don't get chatted up==== really, but I think that might have something to do with the fact I'm not really one for attracting attention. More a quiet night-in sort of girl. ====A man who is comfortable==== and sure about who he is is far more attractive than someone trying to be flash or be something that they're not. Rugged good looks help too, lol! ====It's something about==== feeling the sun on your body that's been hidden away for the winter - it feels kind of sexy. And I think everyone looks a bit healthier - glossier, almost. Evolution-wise, it probably explains why we feel a bit saucier. I think I'm equally frisky whatever the season though. ====My bikinis always feel like they're about the snap open!==== ====If it's a beach that's full of really fit girls==== and buff blokes, then you'd definitely find me with my kit off there. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1817696/ ==Lucy Katherine Pinder== (born December 20, 1983 in Winchester, Hampshire, England) is a glamour model and actress noted for her large natural breasts. ===Career=== ====Lucy Katherine Pinder==== hails from Winchester and is arguably the most popular glamour model in Britain. Pinder was spotted by freelance photographer Lee Earle while sunbathing on Bournemouth beach in the summer of 2003. As a result of the photographs taken that day, she signed a professional modeling contract with The Daily Star. ====In the 2005==== UK edition of the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World, Pinder was a new entry in the poll and finished 16th overall. She appeared at 35th place in the 2006 poll. She dropped to 92nd position in the 2007 poll, after receiving very little coverage in EMAP-owned magazines such as FHM. ====Early in her career,==== unlike most glamour models, Pinder did not initially pose fully topless; she eventually did so for the weekly UK lads' mag Nuts on the 6th of April 2007. This was followed with a nude photo set in the August 2007 issue of the monthly magazine Loaded. She also appeared as a Page Three girl in July and August for The Daily Star on a weekly basis. ====It has been confirmed==== that she has re-signed with The Daily Star and also signed a 6 month exclusive topless contract with Nuts. ====She is regularly partnered==== with Michelle Marsh, with whom she has appeared in magazines, television and corporate appearances. ====Additionally she has been==== photographed with a variety of naturally voluptuous glamour models, including Sophie Howard, Jana Defi, Lindsey Strutt and Saskia Howard-Clarke. ====She lists some of her dislikes==== as clowns (especially Pennywise from It), wasps and racism. She is an ambassador for Kick 4 Life, a charity that uses football to fight poverty and disease in the developing world. She is also a lifelong Southampton Football Club supporter. ====Pinder has also appeared==== in several short DVDs such as the 40 minute long section with Michelle Marsh for Loaded 360, and appeared on the Nuts TV Channel, presenting a short nightly slot called "Book at Bedtime", based on a long-running BBC Radio 4 programme, where she read a passage from a well-known novel. ====She is certainly massively==== popular among the Nuts readership, not least in the issue in which she made her fully topless debut back in April 2007. She has been on the cover of the magazine many, many times, often with her friend and unofficial partner-in-posing, Michelle Marsh. Brunette, brown-eyed Lucy is 5'5" and breasts the tape at an eye-popping 32G (before 2007), but there's rather more to her than just the boobs. ====She's an advice columnist,==== penning her own The Truth About Women column in Nuts magazine every week, a TV presenter on Nuts TV, and she has even appeared on The Weakest Link, where the other opponents voted her off for being too clever. She even knows her football, supporting Southampton FC. Random, totally useless Lucy fact: she is afraid of clowns ====Although Pinder==== has never made an official statement, she appears to have retired from topless modelling. She continues to model full-time, but in lingerie, catalogue and non-topless glamour shoots, for example for her 2017 calendar. Her most recent topless shoot was for the final issue of Zoo magazine in December 2015. Pinder has stated on several occasions that she will continue to model for as long as her idol Kelly Brook does, retiring from modelling at the same age that Brook does. Brook-who turned 37 in November 2016-continues to model as of December 2016. ===Breast development=== ====Although Lucy Pinder's==== breast size is often stated to be 32G or 32GG, this has not always been the case. For much of her career, her breasts have been 32FF. ====Shortly after she first broke into the scene in late 2003,==== she went up from her originally stated 34FF to 32G. By August 2004, Pinder had been fitted by Rigby and Peller and her bust had increased to 32GG. In a May 2006 feature with Sophie Howard for Loaded she was still 32GG. She had the largest breasts of any UK published glamour model from her discovery in 2003 until late 2006. Shortly afterwards she was back to 32G and by the time of her first topless shots in 2007 she was down to 32FF, which she confirmed in her last photoshoot with Michelle Marsh later that year. ====She remained a 32FF==== through mid-2008, as she confirmed in an interview with [[Vanessa Feltz]], but further reduction continued, with the revelation in the press following her eviction from Celebrity Big Brother in January 2009 that her breasts were "shrinking" and that her boobs were now "only" 32F. In the wake of her eviction from Celebrity Big Brother, Pinder said that she was considering having her breasts enlarged. She said that, contrary to claims by some, she had never had breast implants but that she was "not anti-surgery. I just haven't needed to do [my boobs] yet." She added: "They are still an F at the moment... if they ever got to a D, I would have to have them filled up again." Later photoshoots for Nuts, FHM, Maxim, Loaded and various other magazines in 2009 and 2010 confirmed that she was still 32F. ====In early 2011,==== Lucy's website updated her bra size, disappointingly revealing her to have reduced to 32E, a full 4 sizes smaller than her ====2003-2006==== size of 32GG. In August 2012, Pinder's agency Girl Management remeasured all their models. Pinder's bust was found to have increased back from 32E to 32F. However, she was still several cup sizes smaller than the largest-breasted models like Kelly Andrews, Sammy Braddy, Iga Wyrwal and Francoise Boufhal. Even her old partner Michelle Marsh boasted larger breasts. ====After her retirement==== from topless modelling in the wake of the closure of [[Nuts]] and [[Zoo]], Pinder's breasts have increased in size again. Shots for her 2017 calendar indicate that her bust has increased to a 32GG, if not even larger. http://www.boobpedia.com/boobs/Lucy_Pinder

Couple Profile Source
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucy_Pinder, www.imdb.com/name/nm1817696/

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twitter.com/LPinderOfficial, myspace.com/officiallucypinder, www.youtube.com/user/LucyPinderOfficial

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Official Websites

Couple Profile Source

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