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John Reese
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Wikipedia Text

John Reese is a fictional character from the CBS crime drama television series Person of Interest. He is played by Jim Caviezel. Reese is an intense, solitary man whose dry sense of humor emerges over time. He speaks in a low, calm and confident voice, despite the fact that people are almost always after him or the people he is protecting. He works with Harold Finch, a reclusive private billionaire software genius, to help residents of New York who are potentially involved in violent crime. Intensely grateful to Finch for, in Reese's view, having saved his life, he regards Finch as his only friend. Extremely skilled with a range of weapons and hand-to-hand combat techniques, Reese is nonetheless possessed of a level of humanity that drives him to work with Finch to protect potential victims of violent crime. Reese owns Bear, a Belgian Malinois he rescued from white supremacists and sent to live with Finch to assure Finch's safety.

Occupation Text
John Reese (Character) from "Person of Interest" (2011), John Reese (Character) from "Person of Interest" (2011)

Wiki Bio Text
John Reese is the alias of a former U.S. Army Green Beret and CIA field officer who works with Harold Finch to stop future crimes using numbers generated by The Machine. His real last name is unknown, but military records indicate that John is his real first name. Reese operates under a series of aliases and cover identities, including John Rooney, John Warren, John Anderson, and two law-enforcement personas created when he was able to acquire genuine badges. He is also known as "The Man in the Suit" or "guy in the suit" by law enforcement and criminals pursuing him. It is mentioned that Reese's father died when he was still young, who was also an Army soldier. ("The Devil's Share") At some point later on, Reese was forced between choosing jail or entering the military because of a violent fight he was involved in. He opted for the military, and entered the Army. ("Liberty") John H. --s, the name on his military records, rose to the rank of U.S. Army Sergeant First Class, and served as a Green Beret. He is listed by the Army as M.I.A. and most of his military history is labeled as REDACTED in The Machine's databases. ("Title Sequence") His military personnel file confirms he is from Puyallup, Washington and enlisted at Fort Lewis, Washington. His social security number is 380-00-0050. ("Many Happy Returns") According to the Machine, Reese joined the Army on January 15, 1993. Over the next nine years, he served four short tours and one long tour of duty, including service in Afghanistan. He appears to have been promoted to the rank of Sergeant on September 15, 1998. ("Title Sequence") 1x01 LearningAboutAttack Reese leaves the Army in 2001, prior to a vacation in Mexico with his girlfriend of six months, Jessica Arndt. As the vacation is extended beyond the weekend, Reese surprises Jessica with the news. Moments later, the two witness a live television report about the attacks on the World Trade Center, and Reese knows his service is far from over. ("Pilot") Jessica knew Reese as "John," yet it is not yet known what last name he went by during their relationship. ("Mission Creep") However, photographs taken of him in uniform and the timeline of events leading him to adopt the alias John Reese suggest she knew his real name. Reese officially ended his service in the military on November 20, 2002. He was discharged as a Sergeant First Class. ("Title Sequence") At some point between 2002 and 2006, Reese joins the CIA. On February 12, 2006, Reese runs into his former girlfriend Jessica at the airport, and he tells her that he has found a new, secretive job. She tells him that she is engaged to a man named Peter Arndt, though she would wait for him if he told her to. After a silence, she turns and leaves. Moments later, Reese whispers, "wait for me. Please." ("Mission Creep") Some time later, Reese then first meets with his partner Kara Stanton in Hungary to interrogate two men about the whereabouts of Alim Nazir. This is presumably his first CIA mission. Stanton promptly murders them, knowing that they helped Nazir flee the country after a hefty bribe. Reese, visibly shocked, is told to dispose of the gun and bodies. Stanton reminds him that he doesn't have any old friends, including Jessica, whom Stanton has photos of from the airport. Afterward, she assigns him the cover name 'Reese'. ("Foe") In Prague, Reese and Stanton kill an American traitor selling drone blueprints to two Chinese nationals, and kill the nationals as well. When Kara cracks a joke, Reese ignores it and she tells him to lighten up. She warns him that he'll have to accept the fact that he's a killer and that he might as well learn to love his work. ("Prisoner's Dilemma") Reese, Stanton, and their boss Mark Snow are operating illegally in New York City, holding a government employee captive after he tries to sell some software to the Chinese. When Reese is given permission to get some R&R, Stanton follows him to a bar and finds him meeting with Jessica's husband Peter. She gives him a lecture, telling him that they're no longer like other people, and Reese reluctantly leaves with her before Jessica can spot them. ("Blue Code") Reese and Stanton go to a bar in Paris and target a couple. They have orders to kill the couple and Reese wonders why, but Kara isn't interested. As they watch the couple flirt, Kara suggests that Reese might play along with their own cover. Once the bar clears out, Kara shoots out the camera and Reese goes over to kill their targets. After killing the couple, the two go back to their apartment and clean out any traces of their presence. Kara tells Reese that they can take a break. However, when he says he's fine, Kara draws a gun on him and tells him to choose between being a boy scout or a killer. She reminds him that he chose that life. Reese then slams her into a wall and says that he loves his work, and they kiss. ("Prisoner's Dilemma") Reese and Stanton are in T├ętouan, Morocco, interrogating a suspect. While Stanton is busy with the suspect, Reese receives a voicemail call from Jessica, who sounds distraught. Reese calls her and says he'll see her within 24 hours. Later, Mark Snow and Alicia Corwin inform Reese and Stanton that they are being sent to China to retrieve a high profile computer virus stolen from the Pentagon by the Chinese. Reese is denied his request for leave, but as Stanton leaves the room, he receives another set of orders from Snow: retire Agent Stanton as soon as the mission is complete, then he can have all the "leave" he ever wants. As Reese leaves, Kara notices him smiling, says that it's been a while, and tells him that she needs him to be a killer. ("Prisoner's Dilemma") The pair arrive in Ordos and find the site where the program was found. Upon arrival, they discover the corpses of many software engineers, and much of the building's servers emptied. Reese find a survivor whom Stanton converses with in Chinese. He says that men had turned up shooting and had stolen the Machine. Upon hearing that, she promptly executes him and withholds what he'd said from Reese. (It is not clear if Reese knew Chinese at the time, or if, since then, he has learned Chinese or the meaning of what the man said.) With much of what they came for already taken, Reese and Stanton have no choice but to wait for their extraction at nightfall. Meanwhile, they do find a laptop and take it, but they are confused as to what it is and what it holds and why it was left behind. After nightfall, Stanton marks the LZ with infra-red chem-lights. Reese has readied his gun to shoot her in the back, but lowers it at the last moment, only for Stanton to turn and shoot him. She apologizes, saying she had orders from Snow, and was told Reese had ties to terrorists. Reese who is wearing body armor, laughs, telling her he had the same orders and that they have been set up, with the chem-lights actually marking a missile strike, not an extraction. Reese then makes his escape, leaving Stanton standing in shock. Overhead, a UAV observes as an incoming cruise missile targets the beacons. The wounded Reese manages to escape the blast radius, and turns back to see the explosion supposedly killing his partner. ("Matsya Nyaya") In February, a wounded Reese, now sporting a beard, travels to New Rochelle, New York, to look for Jessica. He discovers that she has died in a car accident two months prior to his arrival. Distraught, he breaks into the Arndt residence and watches one of the videos of Jessica and her husband Peter's wedding, realizing she had most likely been abused and murdered by him, as car accidents make excellent cover-ups for murder. When Peter comes home, Reese confronts the man who he holds responsible for her death and attacks him. ("Many Happy Returns") Reese later begins to live anonymously in a homeless encampment. ("Risk") Deteriorating mentally and physically, a bearded, homeless Reese is attacked on a subway by a gang. Disarming and defeating them with no effort, Reese is taken into custody. Some men collect Reese from the precinct, but not before Reese's prints run through the database. He is taken to the Queensboro Bridge, where he meets Harold Finch, who offers to stop crimes from happening. Though he refuses at first, Reese soon changes his mind when Finch forces him into a situation where he'd be helpless to prevent a murder from happening. Finch introduces Reese to the Machine a device Finch built for the government after 9/11, which detects terrorist activity as well as other 'irrelevant' crimes by using thousands of cameras and an advanced database. It would give them a list comprised of Social Security numbers, each belonging to a person involved in a violent crime - either the victim or the perpetrator. Upon the completion of his first case, Reese manages to recruit Detective Lionel Fusco, a dirty cop who would eventually become a useful asset. ("Pilot") As Reese takes on more cases regarding these persons of interest, he catches the attention of Detective Joss Carter, a homicide detective who Reese had met after the subway attack. ("Pilot") He also gets the attention of the CIA, who believe him to be dead until they find the prints run on Reese by Carter. ("Number Crunch") Reese eventually convinces Carter to help him and Finch. ("Legacy") The two begin helping each other on cases and even become good friends. Though Carter and Fusco don't intially know they're working for the same people, they realize it after Carter suspects Fusco of working with the crime organization HR, and the two begin to assist Reese on many of his cases. ("Firewall") On his birthday, Reese eventually comes across the case of a person of interest which Finch has been keeping a secret from him, worrying that it will bring back painful memories of Jessica's death. The woman is on the run from her abusive husband, and Reese is eventually able to save her life, delivering the husband off to a Mexican prison after framing him for drug running. Finch's birthday present to Reese is a key to a large apartment, which becomes his home. ("Many Happy Returns") The FBI begin to pursue him after linking him to past crimes, dubbing him the "Man in the Suit". ("Identity Crisis") Reese is eventually caught and arrested along with three other men y a team led by Agent Nicholas Donnelly while helping another person of interest. ("Shadow Box") With the help of Finch and Carter, Reese is eventually released from jail but kidnapped by his old partner Kara Stanton. ("Prisoner's Dilemma") Reese and Mark Snow are forced to run errand for Stanton while wearing rigged bomb vests, but Reese is eventually rescued and saved by Finch. Snow, meanwhile, catches up to Stanton and they both die when Snow's vest explodes. ("Dead Reckoning") Reese and Finch eventually save the life of Samantha Shaw, a government assassin on the run after being betrayed by her employers, and Shaw eventually becomes part of their team. ("Relevance") The Machine finally gives out Reese's social security number after HR places a bounty on his head. He assists Carter in bringing HR leader Alonzo Quinn to FBI custody, and is arrested but eventually released from police custody by Carter. However, both Carter and Reese are shot by HR lieutenant Patrick Simmons, with Carter dying in the arms of a wounded Reese. ("The Crossing") Carter's death causes Reese to go on a vengeful hunt for Simmons, and he brutally interrogates many HR associates in an attempt to find him. Reese finds Quinn after fighting his way through the U.S. Marshals guarding him, and demands to know Quinn's location. Finch arrives and convinces Reese not to kill Quinn, and Reese collapses from his prior injuries. He pulls the trigger on his gun, but finds that it's empty. Reese is eventually hospitalized, and Shaw states that the doctor has declared Reese will be fine. ("The Devil's Share") Reese has been successful at stopping many murders and solving many "cases". He is a wounded man, but he trusts Finch almost implicitly, although this doesn't stop him from spying on Finch in the begining. Reese has been shot and wounded numerous times, he shows physical and mental fortitude and genuine care for the people he is helping. He has thanked Finch several times for giving him a job and said that he "believes everyone deserves a second chance". It's clear he views this job as his second chance and is grateful. There are also many references to the fact that Reese craves a more conventional life. He wants a family, but he knows that can never be. Reese feels quite differently for those who have demonstrated moral weakness. Though left open to interpretation, it is suggested, but later proved unlikely, that Reese may have talked a sexual predator into committing suicide. ("Cura Te Ipsum") At the end of "Identity Crisis", a drugged Finch expresses his willingness to answer the questions that Reese has about his employer's past. Reese refuses to take advantage of Finch's state to satisfy his curiosity. While bearing one of Kara Stanton's bomb vests, Reese is greatly concerned with keeping bystanders safe should the bomb be triggered. He considers sacrificing himself when abandoned by Stanton while the bomb is armed. He is also distressed by Mark Snow's ruthless treatment of guards they have to neutralize while infiltrating a DoD cyber-security installation. ("Dead Reckoning") Reese states that he has no problem with murdering criminals, but feels that their deaths should be quick and painless. ("The Devil's Share") http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0263463/bio

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John Reese (Character) from "Person of Interest" (2011)

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