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Casper: A Spirited BeginningCasper: A Spirited BeginningCasper: A Spirited BeginningCasper: A Spirited BeginningCasper: A Spirited BeginningCasper: A Spirited BeginningCasper: A Spirited Beginning

Casper: A Spirited Beginning Pics

Casper: A Spirited Beginning
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Casper: A Spirited Beginning Snapshot

Release Year

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TV movie

Comedy, Horror, Fantasy, Family


Casper, Ghost, Single Father, Father Son Relationship, Bomb

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Dolby Digital


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Wikipedia Plot

At the beginning of the movie Casper is on a train full of ghosts, with no idea of where he is and is completely unaware that he himself is a ghost. Instead of going to Ghost Central, where the train is headed, he is kicked off the train. Casper then finds himself in the city of Deedstown, where he unintentionally scares all of the town's citizens. Only then does Casper realize that he is indeed a ghost.

Meanwhile a boy named Chris Carson, a loner with a passionate obsession with the supernatural, and his father, workaholic Tim Carson, who is trying to demolish the Applegate Mansion in order to start his plans of a new renovation for the town. However a group of protesters are being led by Sheila Fistergraff are against the demolition of the building, which they consider a historic landmark. Tim tries to reason with them, telling them that the old building is falling apart and that he only wants to improve the community by building a new mini-mall in place of the old mansion. The protesters refuse to give in, but just when the bulldozer is about to tear down the building, both the wrecking crew and the protesters are tormented by Stretch, Fatso, and Stinky, the Ghostly Trio. They scare everybody away and take possession of the old mansion.

Meanwhile, Chris runs into a gang of bullies on his way to school. They tease him because of his obsession with the supernatural. The frightened victims from the ghost attack run past them, allowing Chris and his tormentors to flee. Chris enters the mansion and meets the Ghostly Trio, who are celebrating their victory. Chris desperately wants to become a member of the Ghostly Trio and he enthusiastically asks them if he can join their group. But the ghosts just laugh him off and harshly reject him, since he is a human.

Meanwhile, the train that Casper was on arrives in Ghost Central, where new spirits are trained to learn the proper ghost lifestyle and work to receive a haunting license. Ghost Central is run by the evil Kibosh and his spineless assistant Snivel who find out Casper is missing. Kibosh immediately becomes furious and worried about how he will look if some rookie ghost is wandering around without any proper schooling. Kibosh orders Snivel to find Casper and bring him back to Ghost Central.

Back in Deedstown, Mayor Johnny Hunt warns Tim that if Applegate Mansion is not torn down by the next day then Tim will be fired. At school, the bullies try to pull a prank on Chris by dropping a balloon full of gunk on him, but instead it hits Principal Rabie. Angered he seizes a bully named Brock and Chris. But Chris is rescued by Sheila, his teacher, who tells Chris to stand up for himself. A news report then comes on the TV, with the Mayor and Tim telling the press that the demolition project will proceed as plan, despite a few set-backs. Sheila is outraged.

Chris runs into Casper and they instantly become friends. Chris is thrilled to meet another ghost and Casper is excited to find a human who will not scream at him or run away; and both Casper and Chris have something in common. Together they go to Applegate Mansion. Casper admits that he doesn't know how to act like a ghost. Chris tries to teach Casper how to behave like a true ghost. But then the Ghostly Trio show up and berate Chris. Chris introduces Casper The Trio who are happy to meet another ghost and become excited when they find out that Casper never went to training, and is therefore unspoiled by Kibosh. The three ghosts see a golden opportunity to prove that their techniques are better than Kibosh's. If they succeed, then maybe Kibosh will stop hunting for them. The Ghostly Trio decide to invite Casper into the group and teach him everything they know. But, unbeknownst to them, Snivel found them (and was eavesdropping) and leaves to report back to Kibosh.

And so Casper's ghost lessons with the trio begin, and Casper learns all kinds of new things, like how to go into "stealth mode" (become invisible) and how to go through solid walls. Meanwhile Snivel calls up Kibosh and tells him that he is found Casper with the Ghostly Trio and that the trio are teaching Casper unorthodox and illegal ghostly techniques. This angers Kibosh.

Chris is disappointed that his father does not show up to his school's open house that night and Sheila tries her best to comfort and support Chris. Back at the mansion, Casper is lacking the ability to act scary, because he just wants to be friendly. With that the Trio send Casper out. The next morning Chris is still angry at his dad for not showing up and Tim promises to spend more time with him. Chris is excited until a sad Casper floats into to his room. Casper tells him what happened. Chris offers to help Casper and teach him what he needs to know. While Chris is giving Casper ghost lessons at school, Brock and his gang show up and tease Chris. Amazingly, one of them, Jennifer, sticks up for Chris. Brock gets attacked by Casper and gets into trouble with the principal.

Excited by his accomplishments, Casper flies off to test out his new powers. He is able to scare away a man who attempts to rob a convenience store and the owner of the store thanks Casper for saving his life. Casper is ecstatic and decides to use his ghostly powers to help people. Meanwhile, Tim's office catches on fire due to an accident by Bill Case, a professional bomber hired by Tim, and he is unable to show up at the meeting. Sad and upset, Chris storms off but soon becomes hopeful that his dad will remember their other plans. Sheila shows up at Chris's house to return something that he left at school and Chris invites her inside for a short visit. Snivel sees Casper acting like "the fleshie's slave" and leaves to report back to Kibosh. That is the last straw for Kibosh who decides to take matters into his own hands.

The Ghostly Trio find out about Casper's good deeds and abduct Casper. Chris tries to introduce Tim to Casper, but Tim does not believe Chris and leaves to visit the mayor. Chris feels betrayed by Casper and runs away from home. But then Brock and the bullies grab him and lock him in the mansion, which Bill planted a bomb inside.

The next morning, Kibosh arrives at Deedstown and captures The Trio. Snivel is sent out to find Casper. Tim wakes up and discovers that Chris is gone. He finds a note from Chris which tells him that he has run away. Casper flies in and meets Tim, who is at first frightened but then he listens to Casper and they both decide to go out and find Chris. Tim rushes to save Chris when he learns that his son is in the Applegate Mansion, which is about to explode. Tim hitches a ride with Sheila. Casper arrives at the mansion and finds Chris trying to escape. Tim gets his son out of the house and Casper eats the bomb which explodes in his stomach, saving the mansion. Kibosh is impressed with Casper's trick and Casper tells him that the Ghostly Trio taught him how to do it. Kibosh says that only ghosts that are family can haunt together, so The Trio lies to Kibosh and tells him they are Casper's uncles. Kibosh allows Casper to stay with his 'uncles' and leaves them in peace. Chris and his father reconcile and the bullies get their comeuppance.

Wikipedia Text

Casper: A Spirited Beginning is a direct-to-video film, based on the Harvey Comics character Casper the Friendly Ghost. It is the first prequel/spin-off to the 1995 film Casper, produced by The Harvey Entertainment Company and Saban Entertainment and released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on September 9, 1997 after the company's acquisition of Casper from Universal.

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