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Batman Kim Basinger in  (1989)Batman Michael Keaton as  and Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale in  (1989)Batman Kim Basinger in  (1989)Batman Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale and Jack Nicholson as The Joker in  (1989).Batman  (1989)Batman  (1989)Batman  (1989)Batman  (1989)Batman  (1989)Batman  (1989)Batman  (1989)Batman  (1989)Batman  (1989)Batman  (1989)Batman  (1989)Batman  (1989)Batman  (1989)Batman  (1989)Batman  (1989)Batman  (1989)

Batman Pics


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Batman Snapshot

Release Year

Plot Summary
The Dark Knight of Gotham City begins his war on crime with his first major enemy being the clownishly homicidal Joker.

Run Time
126 min

Aspect Ratio
1.85 : 1

Action, Crime, Thriller

English, French

Gotham, City, Joker, Evil, Photograph In Newspaper

Movie Rating

Sound Mix
70 mm 6-Track, Dolby


Film Type

Film Class
Superhero Film, Master Criminal Films

Double Life, Criminal's Revenge, Disfigured Criminals, Haunted By the Past

Stylized, Moody, Tense, Goth, Atmospheric, Dreamlike, Lavish, Bleak

Thrill Rides

Has Detailed Data (New)
1, 2, 3

Wikipedia Text

Batman is a 1989 American superhero film directed by Tim Burton and produced by Jon Peters and Peter Guber, based on the DC Comics character of the same name. It is the first installment of Warner Bros.' initial Batman film series. The film stars Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Jack Nicholson as the Joker, alongside Kim Basinger, Robert Wuhl, Pat Hingle, Billy Dee Williams, Michael Gough and Jack Palance. The film takes place early in the title character's war on crime, and depicts a battle with his nemesis the Joker.


US Box Office

Release Date


Country Of Origin

Has Detailed Data (New)
7, 5

Youtube Video Code

Wikipedia Plot

As Gotham City approaches its bicentennial, Mayor Borg orders district attorney Harvey Dent and police commissioner James Gordon to make the city safer. Meanwhile, reporter Alexander Knox and photojournalist Vicki Vale begin to investigate rumors of a vigilante nicknamed "Batman" who is targeting the city's criminals.

Batman's alter-ego is Bruce Wayne, a billionaire industrialist who, as a child, witnessed his parents' murder at the hands of a psychotic mugger. At a fundraiser for the bicentennial in Wayne Manor, Bruce meets and falls for Vale, and the two begin a romantic relationship. However, the evening is cut short as Bruce is alerted to Commissioner Gordon's sudden departure due to police business and leaves to investigate as Batman.

Mob boss Carl Grissom, who has already been targeted by Dent, discovers his mistress Alicia is involved with his second-in-command Jack Napier. With the help of corrupt police lieutenant Max Eckhardt, Grissom engineers Napier's death in a raid at Axis Chemicals. However, Grissom's plan is foiled with the sudden arrival of Commissioner Gordon, who wants Napier captured alive. In the ensuing shootout, Napier, who has realized he was set up, kills Eckhardt. Batman arrives and, in a struggle, Napier is knocked into a vat of chemicals. Batman escapes and Napier is presumed dead.

Napier emerges from the vat, but is left disfigured with chalk white skin, emerald green hair, and a rictus grin. The sociopathic Napier is driven insane by the incident and begins calling himself "the Joker". He kills Grissom and usurps authority over his criminal empire, and scars Alicia's face to equal his disfigurement.

The Joker terrorizes Gotham City by lacing hygiene products with "Smilex", a deadly chemical which causes victims to die laughing with the same maniacal grin as the Joker. As he searches for information on Batman, the Joker also becomes obsessed with Vale. He lures her to the Gotham Museum of Art and his henchmen destroy the works of art. Batman arrives and rescues her. They escape in the Batmobile, pursued by the Joker's men. Batman takes Vicki to the Batcave, where he gives her information from his research on Smilex that will allow the city's residents to avoid exposure to the toxin.

Bruce visits Vicki at her apartment, prepared to tell her about his alter-ego. The Joker interrupts their meeting, asking Bruce, "(Have you) Ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?" before shooting him. Bruce uses a bended serving tray as body armor and plays dead. He remembers that the mugger who killed his parents asked the same question, and realizes that Napier was his parents' killer. Vicki is brought to the Batcave by Bruce's butler, Alfred Pennyworth, who has been coaxing their relationship because Vicki brings out Bruce's human side. After telling her that he cannot focus on their relationship with the Joker terrorizing Gotham, Bruce departs as Batman to destroy the Axis plant. Meanwhile, the Joker lures the citizens of Gotham to a parade with the promise of free money, but while throwing cash at the crowd as promised, also attacks them with Smilex gas released from his giant parade balloons. Batman arrives and tows the balloons above the clouds with the Batwing. The Joker shoots the Batwing using a long-barreled gun, causing it to crash, and takes Vicki to the top of a cathedral.

Batman, who survived the crash, fends off the Joker's remaining men despite his injuries, and confronts the Joker. The two struggle, with Joker eventually gaining the upper hand, leaving Batman and Vicki clinging onto an outcropping. The Joker tries to escape by helicopter, but Batman attaches a heavy granite gargoyle to the Joker's leg with his grappling hook, causing him to lose his grip and fall to his death after it breaks off.

Commissioner Gordon announces that the police have arrested the Joker's men and unveils the Bat-Signal. Harvey Dent reads a note from Batman, promising that he will defend Gotham whenever crime strikes again. Vicki is taken to Wayne Manor by Alfred, who tells her that Bruce will be a little late. She responds that she is not surprised, as Batman looks at the signal's projection, standing watch over the city.

Only one will claim the night.


Clown, Photographer

Movie Rating

Sound Mix
DTS, Dolby Digital


Movie Rating

Acid, Acid In Face, Action Hero, Aircraft, Airplane Accident, Alfred Pennyworth Character, Ambush, Answering Machine Message, Anti Hero, Applying Makeup, Asylum, Automobile, Balloon, Banging One's Fist On A Table, Batcave, Batman Character, Batmobile, Batwing, Being Followed, Belfry, Bell Tower, Beretta, Betrayal, Bicentennial, Black Comedy, Black Humor, Blonde, Blood, Brawl, Breaking A Mirror, Bruce Wayne Character, Bulldozer, Bullet Proof Automobile, Bulletproof Vehicle, Bulletproof Vest, Burned Alive, Butler, Camera Flash, Can Of Paint, Candelabra, Caped Superhero, Car Chase, Cathedral, Cauliflower, Challenge, Charred Body, Chemical, Chemical Factory, Chemical Plant, Chemical Vat, Christ Allegory, Church Bell, Church Tower, City Hall, City Mayor, City Night Scape, Clown Face, Clown Makeup, Concept Car, Corruption, Cosmetics, Courage, Craps Game, Crime Fighter, Curly Hair, Damsel In Distress, Dark Hero, Dead Parents, Dead Woman On Floor, Dead Woman On The Floor, Dead Woman With Eyes Open, Death Of Reporter, Deck Of Cards, Destroying A TV Set, Dice Game, Dining Room, Dirty Cop, Disfigurement, District Attorney, Domestic Servant, Double Life, Dressing Gown, Dual Identity, Empty Safe, Evil Clown, Evil Man, Explosion, Face Paint, Factory, Fake Plastic Teeth, Fall From Height, Fall To Death, Falling From Height, Feet On Desk, Feet On Table, Female Photographer, Fictional City, Fight, Fighting, Fire Axe, Fireplace Poker, Fistfight, Float, Flying, Foot Chase, Friendship Between Men, Gadget, Gadget Car, Gambling, Gangster, Gargoyle, Gargoyle Statue, Genocide, Ghetto Blaster, Giving Money Away, Good Versus Evil, Graffiti, Green Paint, Guilt, Gun, Gun Tucked In Pants, Gunfight, Hand To Hand Combat, Handheld Mirror, Handprint, Hanging From A Ledge, Harvey Dent Character, Hat, Hate, Haunted By The Past, Helicopter, Hero, Heroism, High Concept, Home Invasion, Homosexual Subtext, Honor, Honorable Villain, Hostess, Husband Wife Relationship, Innocent Person Killed, Insanity, James Gordon Character, Jet Aircraft, Joker Card, Journalism, Jujitsu, Justice, Katana Sword, Kicked In The Face, Killer Clown, Kiss On The Cheek, Kissing Someone's Hand, Knockout Gas, Laughing, Leather Gloves, Lifting A Male Into The Air, Lifting Someone Into The Air, Long Barreled Revolver, Looking At Self In Mirror, Love Interest, Machine Gun, Makeup, Mansion, Martha Wayne Character, Martial Arts, Mask, Masked Vigilante, Masked Superhero, Masked Villain, Mass Murder, Mayor, Megaphone, Men In Tights, Microphone, Millionaire, Mime, Mission, Money Falling Through The Air, Mugging, Murder Of Parents, Murder On The Air, Necklace Yanked Off, Nerve Gas, News Report, News Reporter, Newspaper, Newspaper Archive, Newspaper Clipping, Newspaper Headline, Newspaper Photographer, Newspaper Reporter, Nikon Camera, Obsession, Obsessive Love, On Hood Of Moving Car, On The Take, One Against Many, One Man Army, Organized Crime, Origin Of Hero, Orphan, Paint, Paintbrush, Painted Face, Parade, Parent Killed In Front Of Child, Party Horn, Pearl Necklace, Pencil Behind Ear, Pew, Photography Portfolio, Pile Up, Pistol, Plane Crash, Playing Craps, Poisonous Gas, Police, Police Commissioner, Police File, Police Investigation, Police Lieutenant, Police Officer, Police Officer Killed, Police Officer Shot, Police Officer Shot In The Chest, Police Siren, Political Dinner, Pollution, Popcorn, Press Conference, Psychopath, Psychotic, Purple Suit, Quill, Red Paint, Red Rose, Reference To Bigfoot, Reference To Cosmopolitan Magazine, Reference To Dracula, Reference To Pablo Picasso, Reference To The Pulitzer Prize, Reference To Vogue Magazine, Reporter, Rescue, Restaurant, Revenge, Revolver, Ricocheting Bullet, Righteous Rage, Rivalry, Rope Ladder, Roulette, Rubber Suit, Running, Salt Shaker, Satire, Screaming Woman, Searchlight, Secret Identity, Set Up, Sex On First Date, Shooting From A Car, Shootout, Shot With Own Gun, Showdown, Sipping Soup, Smiling Corpse, Son Seeing Mother Murdered, Soup, Spinning Newspaper, Spray Paint, Squad Car, Super Villain, Superhero, Superhero Origin, Supervillian Origin, Sword Fight, Table Salt, Talking To The Dead, Tape Recorder, Tapping Fingers, Television News Report, Tension, The Joker Character, The Mayor Character, Thomas Wayne Character, Throwing Money, Throwing Money Into The Air, Throwing Water Into Someone's Face, Tommy Gun, Tough Guy, Tower, Tragedy, Tragic Hero, Trauma, Tray, Two Way Mirror, Urban Gothic, Urban Renewal, Vandalism, Vigilante, Villain, Violence, Vogue Magazine, Warrior, Wealthy, White Dress, Woman With Glasses, Yelling

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Posted by Chanelle

Posted Dec 8, 2016

I love this movie . I want the car .

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