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Alpha and Omega Humphrey (voiced by Justin Long) from ALPHA AND OMEGA 3-D. Courtesy Lionsgate and Crest Animation.Alpha and OmegaAlpha and OmegaAlpha and OmegaAlpha and OmegaAlpha and OmegaAlpha and OmegaAlpha and Omega  WallpaperAlpha and Omega ALPHA AND OMEGA Character Teaser ArtAlpha and Omega ALPHA AND OMEGA Character Teaser ArtAlpha and Omega  WallpaperAlpha and OmegaAlpha and OmegaAlpha and OmegaAlpha and OmegaAlpha and OmegaAlpha and OmegaAlpha and OmegaAlpha and OmegaAlpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega Pics

Alpha and Omega
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Alpha and Omega Snapshot

Plot Summary
Two young wolves at opposite ends of their pack's social order are thrown together into a foreign land and need each other to return home, but love complicates everything.

Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family



Special Genre

Film Type

Finding a Way Back Home, Man's Best Friend

Has Detailed Data (New)

A Pawsome 3D Adventure

Rating Details
Rated PG for rude humor and some mild action.

Park Ranger, 3 Dimensional, Antonyms In Title, Star Died Before Release, Wolf

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1, 2, 3, 7, 8

Film Class
Family-Oriented Adventure

Easygoing, Heartwarming, Humorous, Rousing



US Box Office

Release Date

USA, India

Country Of Origin
USA, India

Count - Awards

Wikipedia Text

Alpha and Omega is a 2010 3D computer animated comedy drama film produced by Crest Animation Productions and Richard Rich. The film is directed by Anthony Bell and Ben Gluck, starring the voices of Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere, Dennis Hopper (in his last film appearance), Danny Glover and Christina Ricci.

Run Time
88 min

Aspect Ratio
1.85 : 1

Rating Details
Rated PG for rude humor and some mild action


Park, National Park, Idaho, Geese

Movie Rating

Sound Mix
Dolby Digital, DTS

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Wikipedia Plot

Kate (Hayden Panettiere) and Humphrey (Justin Long) are two wolves from the same pack in Canada’s Jasper National Park but on opposite ends of the social order. Kate, daughter of the main Alpha male Winston (Danny Glover) and his mate Eve (Vicki Lewis), is herself an Alpha and takes her duty to the pack seriously. Humphrey, on the other hand, is an Omega wolf, the lowest of the pack, and spends his days making jokes and playing about with his other Omega friends. Despite his low rank in the pack, Humphrey falls in love with Kate and is valued in the pack as a peacemaker by virtue of his affable nature.

During her youth, Kate left to begin Alpha school with her father. She returns as a fully trained Alpha but on her first hunt, two members of the Eastern pack ruin her attempt, leaving her pack with nothing but bones and scraps. The two packs have had a bitter rivalry since Winston dislikes the fact that Tony (Dennis Hopper), the Alpha male of the Eastern pack, wants to unite them into one large pack. Winston and Tony meet up one night and arrange for Kate to marry Tony’s son Garth (Chris Carmack). Kate, having followed her father and heard everything, wearily agrees for the good of the pack and she meets Garth at the Howling Rock. Garth too is a fully trained Alpha but one thing lets him down - his howl, which is how wolves find their mate, when their howls match. Kate and Humphrey get tranquilized and taken away.The two wolves wake up at Sawtooth National Recreation Area and meet a French-Canadian goose named Marcel (Larry Miller) who has an avid interest in golf and his caddy, a duck named Paddy (Eric Price). Kate and Humphrey learn that they were relocated to repopulate the species. Marcel and Paddy agree to help the wolves return home to Jasper.

Trouble brews back at Jasper as the two packs discover that Kate has gone missing. Tony warns Winston that on the next full moon if Kate doesn’t return to marry Garth, he and his pack will declare war for their territory. Lilly (Christina Ricci), an omega wolf who is Kate’s younger sister, falls in love with Garth and suggests that she show him around.

That night, Kate finds a ravine and attempts to cross it. She slips down the cliff, but Humphrey saves her. After that the two of them make a den for the night.

The next morning, Marcel and Paddy find the wolves and direct them to a train over a snowy mountain that will take them to Jasper. Climbing the mountain Humphrey meets a bear cub (Maya Feltheimer) who is unfamiliar with wolves. When they are playing, the cub gets hurt when a snowball is thrown at him. This angers a trio of bears (most likely the cub's parents) who think that Humphrey was trying to harm the cub. When Kate realizes that Humphrey is in danger, she rushes in to help him, causing them to slide down the other side of the mountain. Humphrey saves Kate, and, as the train passes by, the two wolves manage to get into a boxcar just in time.

Shortly, the train passes by Jasper. Humphrey attempts to tell Kate how he feels about her, but the sight of the packs fighting causes her to jump off the train before he can finish. Kate stops the fight by announcing that she will marry Garth for the good of the packs, much to Humphrey and Lilly’s surprise and disappointment.

The next day, a heartbroken Humphrey decides to leave Jasper and travel on his own and shares his goodbyes with Kate, Marcel and Paddy, who have arrived and decided to stay. Yet Kate feels heartbroken too after realizing how she feels about Humphrey and decides not to marry Garth. Although Garth and Lily declare their own love and offer to substit

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Alpha and Omega Cast

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