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The One  (2001)The One  (2001)The One  (2001)The One  (2001)The One  (2001)The One  (2001)The One  (2001)The One  (2001)The One  (2001)The One  (2001)The One  (2001)The One  (2001)The One Jet Li does some fancy kicking in Columbia's  - 2001The One Jet Li in Columbia's  - 2001The One Jet Li in Columbia's  - 2001The One Jet Li in Columbia's  - 2001The One Jet Li in Columbia's  - 2001The One Jet Li in Columbia's  - 2001The One Jet Li in Columbia's  - 2001The One Jet Li in Columbia's  - 2001

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The One
The One
The One
The One
The One
The One
The One
The One
The One
The One

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The One Snapshot

Release Year

What if there was a killer traveling through parallel worlds...and he looked just like you? [taken from the trailer]

Plot Summary
A sheriff's deputy fights an alternate universe version of himself who grows stronger with each alternate self he kills.

Run Time
87 min, Germany:85 min (cut version)

Aspect Ratio
2.35 : 1

Rating Details
Rated PG-13 for intense action violence and some language.

Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller


Police, Escape, Prison, Arrest, Police Officer

Movie Rating

Sound Mix
DTS, Dolby Digital, SDDS


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1, 2, 3

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Release Date


Country Of Origin

Wikipedia Text

The One is a 2001 American action film directed by James Wong and starring Jet Li, Delroy Lindo, Jason Statham and Carla Gugino.

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7, 5

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Wikipedia Plot

A superhuman criminal named Gabriel YuLaw (Jet Li), once an officer of the "Multiverse Authority" (MVA) that polices interdimensional travel (via detecting wormhole openings, which can be predicted like the weather), seeks to hunt down and kill all other variations of himself in alternate universes. By killing all of his other selves, (and thus becoming the last version of himself) and absorbing their life energies into himself, he believes he will become "The One", a godlike being. YuLaw is briefly captured by MVA agents Rodecker (Delroy Lindo) and Funsch (Jason Statham), only for YuLaw to escape from captivity during the final phase of his sentence to life in a penal colony.

The last known alternate, Gabriel (Gabe) Law, works in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. For two years he has been experiencing increases in strength, speed and mental ability but neither he nor his wife, T.K. Law (TK) (Carla Gugino), can understand why. While transporting a snitching prisoner for the Sheriff's Department, Gabe "feels" Yulaw's presence just before he attempts to kill Gabriel Law. Yulaw escapes, with Gabe giving chase and leaping a very high wall – which is humanly impossible. Upon landing on the other side Yulaw faces Gabe and shoots him, but not fatally. Going in for the kill, Yulaw is interrupted by Rodecker and Funsch.

Gabe Law sees Yulaw, who is identical to him in every way. Being unfamiliar with interdimensional travel between universes, Yulaw's appearance is incomprehensible. At the hospital again Gabe feels Yulaw's presence. There is another fight and Rodecker and Funsch. Yulaw keeps them from shooting him because if Yulaw is killed, then Gabe will pose a problem because he would be the only "One". Dressed alike, Gabe and Yulaw's battle confuse Gabe's Sheriff Department colleagues. Both Gabe and Yulaw manage to escape the hospital.

Rodecker is faced with a dilemma: they are chasing two superhumans with no clear winner in sight, plus Funsch's insistence that YuLaw must be dealt with in a more aggressive manner. Rodecker makes a fateful decision to "go way off procedure" and split the team. Rodecker pursues Yu Law, resulting in Yulaw killing him, and Funsch catches up with Gabe and tells him about the multiverse and how he has become stronger. Yulaw finds Gabe's residence where TK, believing it is Gabe, attempts to protect him, but she notices a difference and Yulaw forces Gabe to watch while he kills her. Funsch finds Gabe and they team up to find Yulaw at the next occurrence of a wormhole – an industrial plant.

Yulaw, Gabe Law and Funsch arrive at the industrial plant, where the final battle between Gabe and Yulaw takes place. Ultimately Gabe is victorious, but all three are caught in the wormhole and travel back to the MVA headquarters in the Alpha Universe. Yu Law is transported immediately to the prison colony universe after a last ditch attempt to switch places with Gabe. The MVA then prepares to send Gabriel back to his own universe where he will be arrested and put in prison for the murders Yulaw committed, but Agent Funsch instead sends him to another universe where Los Angeles is hailed as "America's Cleanest City" and he ends up in the same situation in which he met his wife in his home universe. As for Yulaw, on the penal colony, he declares " Im nobody's bitch. You are mine. I don't need to know you. You only need to know me. I will be the One. Thus instigating a brawl with a lot of other prisoners and the scene fades back to show more and more men trying in vain to take him down.

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