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One Missed Call  (2008)One Missed Call EDWARD BURNS stars as Detective Jack Andrews and SHANNYN SOSSAMON stars as Beth Raymond in Alcon Entertainment’s supernatural thriller “,” distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Photo by Guy D’AlemaOne Missed Call A scene from Warner Bros. Pictures' .One Missed Call Shannyn Sossamon as Beth Raymond and Edward Burns as Jack Andrews in Warner Bros. Pictures' .One Missed Call Edward Burns as Jack Andrews and Shannyn Sossamon as Beth Raymond in Warner Bros. Pictures' .One Missed Call Ana Claudia Talancón as Taylor Anthony and Shannyn Sossamon as Beth Raymond in horror thriller ''One Missed Call Azura Skye star as Leann Cole in horror thriller from Warner Bros. Pictures' .One Missed Call Shannyn Sossamon as Beth Raymond and Azura Skye as Leann Cole in horror thriller ''One Missed Call Edward Burns star as Jack Andrews in horror thriller ''One Missed Call Ana Claudia Talancón star as Taylor Anthony inOne Missed Call Raegan Lamb star as Laurel Layton in teh scene of .One Missed Call  (2008)One Missed Call  (2008)One Missed Call  (2008)One Missed Call  (2008)One Missed Call  (2008)One Missed Call  (2008)One Missed Call  (2008)One Missed Call  (2008)One Missed Call  (2008)

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One Missed Call
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One Missed Call Snapshot

Release Year

What will it sound like when you die?

Plot Summary
In this remake of the Japanese horror film "Chakushin Ari" (2003), several people start receiving voice-mails from their future selves -- messages which include the date, time, and some of the details of their deaths.

Run Time
87 min

Rating Details
Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and terror, frightening images, some sexual material and thematic elements.

Horror, Mystery, Thriller


Death, Voice Mail, Remake, College Student, Cell Phone

Movie Rating

Sound Mix
Dolby Digital, SDDS, DTS


Film Type

Film Class
Supernatural Horror

Curses and Spells, Woman In Jeopardy

Ominous, Eerie, Tense, Paranoid

Has Detailed Data (New)
1, 2, 3, 7, 8

Count - Awards

US Box Office

Release Date

Japan, USA, Germany

Country Of Origin
Japan, USA, Germany

Wikipedia Text

One Missed Call is a 2008 American remake of the 2004 Japanese film Chakushin Ari. The film was released in North America on January 4, 2008 and was directed by Eric Valette and written by Andrew Klavan. The film stars Edward Burns and Shannyn Sossamon. It was produced and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures

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Wikipedia Plot

Beth Raymond (Shannyn Sossamon) is terrified by the deaths of four friends (Taylor, Brian, Leann, and Shelley), three of which she personally witnessed, after they received chilling phone calls apparently from themselves in the future, showing the exact time of their deaths. In the beginning, Shelley is alone in her backyard and sees something suspicious in the lake, looking over when a hand pulls her in the water drowning her along with her cat. Beth's friend Leann gets the exact same call, and later falls onto some tracks, and is hit by a train. Then Beth's other friend Brian can't take any more of this, and leaves. Minutes later, he shows Beth that he got a call too, and a gas explosion forces a pipe through his chest seconds later. Beth's best friend, Taylor gets the same call, and later she is strangled by an invisible force. After every death, a small red candy is found in the victim's mouth. In all the cases, the people who are going to die will see strange apparitions shortly before being killed, such as the woman seen on the theatrical poster with a baby carriage. Beth reports these strange occurrences to the police; however, they think she is delirious. Detective Jack Andrews (Edward Burns) believes her, stating that his sister died in a similar way. Together, they begin to unravel the mystery of the chain of calls, but are unsure if they can figure it out when Beth's phone starts to ring the same eerie tune, with a call dated 7:55 of that day.

They eventually trace the series of calls back to a woman named Marie Layton, who was apparently abusing her children, Ellie (Ariel Winter) and Laurel, for attention, as in cases of Munchausen by Proxy. They learn that Ellie later died of an asthma attack, and that Laurel is in a foster home after her mother went missing.

Believing that Marie is the source behind the murders, Beth travels to the recently burned-down St. Luke's hospital, where Marie was last seen, bringing Laurel in for a cut on her arm. After searching the hospital, Beth finds the body of Marie in the hospital ducting, where she apparently burned to death, clutching a cell phone. Marie's corpse moves and assaults Beth while weeping. She collapses when Detective Andrews makes his way into the ducting to help Beth. As Beth is fighting off Marie's corpse, 7:55 passes, but Beth does not die. It is later revealed that Marie's spirit was actually protecting Beth, not trying to hurt her.

After contacting authorities, who arrive to collect the body, Beth returns home and Andrews goes to tell Laurel that her mother is dead. While visiting, Andrews sees a drawing that was drawn by Laurel on the wall. He realizes the drawing is a teddy bear and the baby carriage. Previously, it was shown that the jar of bugs and the baby carriage (all mysterious occurrences seen by the victims before their deaths) were in the area where the nanny cam might be. He goes back to Laurel's room to get the teddy bear to see if there might be a nanny cam on the back. He finds a video disc in the back of Laurel's teddy bear. The disc is a video of a camera Marie hid in her children's room to monitor Laurel and Ellie. Ellie, clothed in a black hoodie, cuts Laurel's arm with a large butcher knife. Marie comes in and finds the children, realizing that the abuse she has been blamed for has been Ellie all along, and leaves to take Laurel to the hospital, locking Ellie in the bedroom.

Ellie, frantic, tries to force open the door, and suffers an asthma attack. Reaching for her inhaler, she finds it empty, and dies while dialing her mother's cell phone, making Marie the first real victim of the curse, dying in the fire. Laurel enters the room and Andrews says that it was Ellie who hurt her all the time, not her mother. Laurel nods, and speaking for the first time since the death of her mother, says, "But she always gave me candy," and holds out one of the red hard candies found in the mouths of all the victims.

The cellphone that Andrews gave Beth receives a voicemail, implying that Beth will soon be in danger again. Andrews realizes that the force behind the murders is Ellie, and races to Beth. Finding her unharmed, Andrews and Beth h

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