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Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)Freddy vs. Jason  (2003)

Freddy vs. Jason Pics

Freddy vs. Jason
Freddy vs. Jason
Freddy vs. Jason
Freddy vs. Jason
Freddy vs. Jason
Freddy vs. Jason
Freddy vs. Jason
Freddy vs. Jason
Freddy vs. Jason
Freddy vs. Jason

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Freddy vs. Jason Snapshot

Release Year

The "Slicer"...The "Dicer"...And This Time, They're Not Any "Nicer"!

Plot Summary
Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees return to terrorize the teenage population. Except this time, they're out to get each other, too.

Run Time
97 min

Aspect Ratio
2.35 : 1

Rating Details
Rated R for pervasive strong horror violence/gore, gruesome images, sexuality, drug use and language.

Action, Horror, Thriller


Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Crystal Lake, Lake, Children

Movie Rating

Sound Mix
DTS, Dolby Digital, SDDS


Film Type

Film Class
Slasher Film, Teen Movie

Serial Killers

Menacing, Gruesome, Lurid, Tense, Creepy, Humorous

Blood and Gore

Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Crystal Lake, Slasher

Movie Rating

Has Detailed Data (New)
1, 2, 3, 7, 8

Count - Awards


US Box Office

Release Date

Canada, USA, Italy

Country Of Origin
Canada, USA, Italy

Wikipedia Text

Freddy vs. Jason is a 2003 American slasher film directed by Ronny Yu. The film is a crossover between the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises. It is the eighth and eleventh entries in their respective series, pitting their antagonists, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, against each other.

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Wikipedia Plot

Freddy Krueger is trapped in Hell and enraged as the parents of Springwood figured out how to keep the children from remembering him, rendering him powerless and unable to escape. Determined to make them remember and fear him, Freddy locates Jason Voorhees in Hell and disguises himself as Jason's mother. He convinces Jason to rise again and go to Springwood to slaughter the teens; though Jason will kill the teenagers, Freddy will be blamed, and thus their growing fear will allow him to escape Hell.

Jason arrives on Elm Street, sneaking into the house where Nancy Thompson and Jesse Walsh used to live, now owned by Lori Campbell and her widowed father. While Lori and her friends Kia, Gibb, Blake and Trey are in the house, Jason kills Trey using his machete. The group is taken in to the police for questioning. After overhearing several police officers discussing Freddy, Lori falls asleep and has a dream about him, allowing him to gain some of his powers back. Freddy then tries to attack Blake in his dreams but is unable to harm him. Blake awakens to find his father beheaded, sitting next to him, and is, a moment later, killed by Jason. In order to avert suspicion from Freddy, the police claim that Blake killed Trey and his father, and then took his own life.

Lori has recurring dreams about Freddy and tells Kia and Gibb about it. She is reunited with her boyfriend, Will Rollins and his friend Mark, who were institutionalized in Westin Hills Asylum and escaped after hearing of the murders on Elm Street. At a rave, Gibb falls asleep and has a dream where she is attacked by Freddy after he took the form of the deceased Trey to lure her into his trap. Another person at the rave attempts to rape her, but Jason appears and kills them both, angering Freddy, who realizes that Jason will not stop killing.

Jason kills many people at the rave. Afterward, Will, Lori, Kia, and two fellow students – Freeburg and Linderman – escape and meet up with officer Stubbs, who believes the murders are being committed by a Jason copycat. The group pieces together Freddy's original plan and that he is losing control of Jason. Realizing they need Hypnocil to prevent them from dreaming, they break into Westin Hills. Before they get to Westin Hills Freddy kills Mark as a message to the others that Freddy has returned. While at Westin Hills, Freddy possesses Freeburg to stop the group from taking Hypnocil. Jason electrocutes Stubbs and is then confronted by Freddy in Freeburg's body, who injects Jason with tranquilizers. Jason bisects Freeburg before passing out.

Lori comes up with the idea to drive unconscious Jason back to Crystal Lake, while she goes into the dream world to find Freddy and pull him into the real world and pit the two against each other. Furthermore if Jason kills Freddy, he'll be at Crystal Lake and won't come after the group. While in the dream world Freddy discovers Jason is afraid of water and tortures him with memories of his childhood and drowning.

Lori ends up keeping Freddy from killing Jason, waking him up in the process causing him to attack the group. Freddy, enraged, attempts to molest and kill Lori, revealing that he was the one who killed her mother, but she awakens and

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