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Alpha Dog  (2007)Alpha Dog  (2007)Alpha Dog  (2007)Alpha Dog  (2007)Alpha Dog  (2007)Alpha Dog  (2007)Alpha Dog  (2007)Alpha Dog  (2006)Alpha Dog Emile Hirsch star as Johnny Truelove and Justin Timberlake star as Frankie in  - 2007Alpha Dog Justin Timberlake star as Frankie and Emile Hirsch star as Johnny Truelove in  - 2007Alpha Dog Anton Yelchin as Zack Mazursky with Justin Timberlake as Frankie in Nick Cassavetes Crime Drama '' 2007Alpha Dog Anton Yelchin star as Zack Mazursky with Amanda Seyfried as Julie Beckley in Nick Cassavetes Crime Drama '' 2007Alpha Dog Emile Hirsch star as Johnny Truelove and Justin Timberlake star as Frankie in  - 2007Alpha Dog Bruce Willis as Sonny Truelove, Harry Dean Stanton as Cosmo Gadabeeti and Emile Hirsch as Johnny Truelove in  - 2007Alpha Dog Amber Heard as Alma and Anton Yelchin star as Zack Mazursky in Universal Pictures'  - 2007Alpha Dog Director Nick Cassavetes and Justin Timberlake behind the scene of  - 2007Alpha Dog Justin Timberlake as “Frankie” in  - 2006Alpha Dog Bored rich kids in  - 2007Alpha Dog Sharon Stone star as Olivia Mazursky in Universal Pictures  - 2006Alpha Dog Justin Timberlake as Frankie with Anton Yelchin as Zack Mazursky in Nick Cassavetes'  - 2007

Alpha Dog Pics

Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog

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Alpha Dog Snapshot

Release Year

Inspired by true events.

Plot Summary
A drama based on the life of Jesse James Hollywood, a drug dealer who became one of the youngest men ever to be on the FBI's most wanted list.

Run Time
USA:122 min, USA:117 min (Sundance Film Festival), Germany:118 min, Argentina:122 min

Aspect Ratio
2.35 : 1

Rating Details
Rated R for pervasive drug use and language, strong violence, sexuality and nudity.

Crime, Drama


Drug Dealer, Drugs, Gang, Party, California

Movie Rating

Sound Mix
DTS, SDDS, Dolby Digital


Film Type

Film Class
Crime Drama, Docudrama

Drug Trade, Kidnapping

Lurid, Forceful, Confrontational, Tense

Drug Dealer

Has Detailed Data (New)
1, 2, 3, 7, 8

Count - Awards

US Box Office

Release Date


Country Of Origin

Wikipedia Text

Alpha Dog is a 2007 crime drama film written and directed by Nick Cassavetes, first screened at the Sundance Film Festival on January 27, 2006, with a wide release the following year on January 12, 2007. The film is based on the true story of the kidnapping and murder of 15-year-old Nicholas Markowitz and related events in 2000. It portrays the involvement of Jesse James Hollywood, a young middle-class drug dealer in California. The film stars Emile Hirsch, Justin Timberlake, Shawn Hatosy, Ben Foster, Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, Anton Yelchin with Harry Dean Stanton, Sharon Stone and Bruce Willis.

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Wikipedia Plot

Alpha Dog is based on events that took place in 2000 and characters are given fictional names. The film is set in November 1999. It tells the story of Johnny Truelove (Emile Hirsch), a young drug dealer in Claremont, California and his circle of friends, which includes Frankie Ballenbacher (Justin Timberlake), Tiko "TKO" Martinez (Fernando Vargas), and Elvis Schmidt (Shawn Hatosy). The film demonstrates internal gang dynamics and social context that contribute to the events leading to kidnapping and murder.

The film starts with all the main characters, suspects, the victim, suspect's family, victim family, etc, as little children, playing around, reminiscing their childhood, when everything was carefree. The end it shows Zack Mazursky.

The films opens with an interviewer talking to Sonny (Bruce Willis) about his son, Johnny. Sonny tells the story.

Johnny's father, Sonny Truelove, supplies his son with marijuana, from which Johnny makes a fortune dealing and selling. Johnny owns his own house where he holds meetings and parties. Another associate of the gang is Jake Mazursky (Ben Foster), who owes Johnny a $1,200 drug debt. After a failed attempt at asking for the money from his parents, Olivia (Sharon Stone) and Butch (David Thornton) Mazursky, he goes over to Johnny's house where Johnny is having a party. A heated argument between the two results in a violent fight that Frankie and the gang break up, which also has Johnny pulling a gun on Jake. Jake tells Johnny that he'll never pay him the money. In retaliation, Johnny, his girlfriend, Angela, Sonny, and his godfather, Cosmo and his friends go to Jake's girlfriend, Wanda's job, where she is a waitress. Johnny writes on the receipt telling Wanda to deduct Jake's debt to pay for the bill. Johnny pretends to be Jake's parole officer and gets Jake fired from his job by telling his boss he's on drugs. Later that night, Jake and his gang break into Johnny's house, stealing his flat-screen TV, breaking his backyard window and defecating on the carpet, with Johnny there. Even though armed, he hides from Jake. The next day, Johnny, Frankie, and Tiko head to Jake's home but he is not there. On their way back, they stumble upon his 15 year old brother, Zack Mazursky (Anton Yelchin) - who snuck out of his house to avoid an argument with his parents - and decide to kidnap him in broad daylight, throwing him into the van.

Wanting a break from his home life, Zack makes little effort to escape. During a street fiesta, Frankie offers him a chance to get away, which Zack declines, not wanting to cause any trouble for his brother. The two strike up an unlikely friendship. Zack stays at Frankie's house for the night and even helps him with his chores. Meanwhile, Olivia and Butch learn Jake owes money to "someone", and a furious Olivia forces Jake to go look for Zack. Jake enters a party looking for Johnny, after a heated argument with one of Johnny's friends for information, an enraged Jake gets into an intense fight with the party-goers, which results in him defeating them all in anger. The next morning, Zack meets some of Frankie's friends, including Keith Stratten (Chris Marquette), and strikes up a relationship with Julie (Amanda Seyfried), the youngest member of the group. They all learn of Zack's kidnapping, and Susan (Dominique Swain) is the only one actually concerned about it. Frankie grows nervous when Johnny hypothetically offers Frankie $2,500 to murder Zack and dispose of his body. Frankie furiously declines and Johnny claims it was a joke. Frankie suggests that they can "grease the kid" or offer Zack money for him to keep his mouth shut, and then sort the whole situation privately with Jake. John

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